In SHAPE of Things to Come: Adapt or Die, we investigate the notion of adaptability as a necessary element for transformation, progress, innovation and sustainability across all aspects of contemporary life. The works displayed in Adapt or Die demonstrate the concept or process of adaption. In some cases adaption is evident in the use of biotechnology, which sees the combining of biological matter with technological components in the creation of new apparatus, processes and ideas. Similarly evident are performative living systems that are inherently adaptive in pushing the exchange and feedback possibilities of interactivity, to allow the audience to trigger actions and reactions in non-predestined ways to permit for complex systems to emerge and change based on ongoing living data. In some cases the adaptive qualities are more subtle, focused on the transformation of materiality into new forms, or the critique of social, environmental and political practices and attitudes. In many cases an embedded awareness and understanding of the consequences of past and current social and technological developments, such as climate change, economic collapse, social isolation and political policy, seem evident. Likewise, there is an inherent call to action in these works: an invitation to evolve and improve, to reengineer systems, policies and structures to be more sustainable, more functional, inclusive and positive.
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