SHAPE: (dis)connect considers experiences of relationship, interaction and intersection. The works displayed within the exhibition share a common pursuit for interconnection, explored across multiple disciplines and through a variety of situational perspectives. Perhaps as a result of, or reaction to the rhetoric of ultra connectedness promised by the vast network of social media and the concurrent argument that these same networks are diluting intimacy and destroying our capacity for meaningful face to face interaction, the works within the exhibition pursue new and enhanced modes of connectedness. The conceptual solutions proposed display a playful optimism towards strengthening communication, engagement and synergy, be it through original communication devices and network systems; engagement within places of social interaction through the reimagining of civic infrastructure; or abstract spacial relationships.
O Week Preview –
19 - 21 February 2014
Wed - Fri
10am - 5pm
24 February –
14 March 2014
Mon - Fri
2pm - 6pm
Exhibition opening event –
25 February 2014
5pm - 7pm
Location:   The Block, QUT Creative Industries Precinct, corner Kelvin Grove Road and Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove