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About SHAPE Of Things To Come

SHAPE Of Things To Come was an annual celebration and benchmark event of graduating students from the creative arm of QUT. SHAPE brings together a diverse ecology of practice from a number of disciplines across the Creative Industries Faculty.

Now in its tenth year, SHAPE has become a tradition, with the website acting as an important living document of reference is combined with the annual exhibition acting as both showcase and celebration of each passing years graduates. SHAPE is a cornerstone event of Orientation Week, welcoming the incoming QUT cohort, and providing a window into potential pathways as they start their educational journey. 

A recent alumni team from the Creative Industries Precinct intern program curates each successive year of SHAPE. Through a combination of faculty nominations and curatorial selection, the team develops a unique exhibition that exposes a conceptual thread through the diverse range of graduate practices on offer. SHAPE broadcasts the onset of a new year, a new student cohort, new enquiry, new inspiration and new creative practices to be shaped. We invite you 
to both look back to the recent past and forward to the approaching future, directed by the ideas and propositions communicated within the 2014 iteration of SHAPE of Things to Come titled (dis)connect.

Rachael Parsons – Curator Digital Media QUT Precincts, Queensland University of Technology
Laura Brinin – Assistant Exhibitions Officer, Queensland University of Technology

The School of Design seeks to maintain the identity of all its disciplines whilst taking advantage of the exciting possibilities, which are presented by their interaction. Our focus is developing a vigorous design culture within and through the undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degree programs. In addition we are committed to further developing work integrated learning and the internationalisation of our programs as well as embedding the new digital technologies within the teaching and research frameworks of the various disciplines in the school.

Imagine a place where individual creativity is encouraged across boundaries, where you can collaborate with like-minded spirits on projects and works across performance, production and writing. QUT’s Creative Industries Faculty is such a place. As global pioneers of the creative industries concept, we lead the way. Our location alongside research centers and creative enterprises in the $60m Creative Industries Precinct allows the Faculty unique partnerships through which we not only train the creative workforce, we work together to grow the creative sector.

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