Aleesha CallahanCreative Nucleus

2011BEEBachelor Design (Interior Design)

For this project, I began by exploring globalization and the effect this is having on the field of interior design. Through research it was confirmed that cultural convergence and globalization strips traditional, cultural ideals, taking away features within the urban landscape that are definitive to specific places and contexts. The objective was to then design an antithesis to homogeneity, a space that is reflective of the inherent, local culture of Brisbane. A design that exemplifies what Paul Ricoeur describes as a ‘Creative Nucleus’.

Through extensive analysis, an abject and dis-used space was selected in the laneway behind The Zoo in Fortitude Valley. By investigating the existing functions within the space a series of designs were proposed to work in symbiosis with The Zoo. A record store, a rentable studio space, a green room and various seating options all blend together through the insertion of plywood-clad panels that pierce the laneway, forming walls, shelving and ceiling features.

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