Clare Elizabeth KennedyFive Mile Radius

2016AlumniMaster of Architecture

Five Mile Radius is a new architectural organization that promotes a construction process utilising natural, locally sourced materials that incorporates the traditions and skills of people living close to the construction site.

Throughout history people have reconfigured their landscape to create buildings born of their surroundings. Social, cultural and physical properties fuse to ensure the construction materials are imbued with richness and meaning. Many of these buildings still stand today.

Instead of current construction trends that often make use of generic, synthetic and unsustainable materials, Five Mile Radius promotes the use of natural products - showing you innovative ways to build with what you've got.

Five Mile Radius initially has two divisions -

Library – An online catalogue of existing natural construction techniques.


Laboratory – A testing centre for natural materials - think dirt, sand, rock, dung and plant operating out of a shed in Red Hill, Brisbane.

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