Erica PozzeyTriad Energy

2012CIFBachelor Design (Industrial Design)

Triad Energy came about from a desire to make energy use more transparent and engaging to the user in a domestic environment. The research conducted revealed that consumers ultimately needed a persuasive management system that enabled: customisation to make the information relevant, self-monitoring to continually observe progress, surveillance to gauge their progress in relation to others and lastly guidance to make the best decisions at the time.

The product package is made up of a wall unit where three key levels of information are displayed and a web account platform to deliver more detailed information. The first and only user-manipulated data point is the target usage where the user can set their desired energy usage (average kw/h). The second being the household's current kw/h usage so the user is able to compare with their target and lastly, the social usage where users are able to view the average usage of other similar Triad users in their community, city or state.

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