Ian Knight, Claire Mören, Kate Tuffley, Christina WillingtonAurelia


The name of the lighting device Aurelia is derived from the scientific name for the moon jellyfish – Aurelia Aurita. The body of the moon jelly is naturally translucent and is often riddled with a pattern of spots or stipes. These features have been highlighted and abstracted in Aurelia’s design to create an aura of architectural fluidity and rhythm. The inspiration for Aurelia stemmed from the context of olivomare – an upper class seafood restaurant in Belgravia, London.

Drawing on the concept of form following function, the design exploration process began with examining algorithmic and geometric patterns, both of which can have a simplistic or complex result. The process led to exploring the coral reef with its form and pattern – the inspiration to take the form of the coral reef came from Nervous Systems who takes a natural organic form and implements the design pattern with algorithmic techniques.

Project Team
Ian Knight
Claire Mören
Kate Tuffley
Christina Willington

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