Katerina DownPuzzling Words

2011CIFBCI (Communication Design)

Every day, people are bombarded by printed materials. As a result, many are overlooked. ‘Puzzling Words’ is a typographic showcase that is designed to break through the clutter. A set of nine square acrylic block prints present designs created in Downstead, a font created by Katerina Down. Its aim is to overcome the audience’s overexposure to printed media. By using acrylic blocks as a printing surface, ‘Puzzling Words’ draws in viewers, as the medium is still uncommon and there is an expectation that printed materials are hung on a wall. Moreover, each print in ‘Puzzling Words’ features a Rebus puzzle of a common phrase or saying. The use of a puzzle generates interest because it creates a challenge and curiosity about the message. Rebus puzzles are unlike popular puzzles as they inspire continued thought. People are likely to recall and reconsider their solutions, even after moving away. Indeed, Katerina is still considering a collection she was shown over seven years ago.


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