Marcel DanielsSO WE TOo

2011CIFBFA (hons) Visual Arts

My art practice focuses on the complexities of the postcolonial condition, as experienced by 'the hybrid'. It is an autoethnographic study that has been driven by my interest to creatively and critically explore my own experiences of cultural and racial hybridity. In a post-medium approach to practice, I utilise a range of materials and media to create sculptural and two-dimensional artworks.

The work SO WE TOo (2010) is a sculptural maquette of a South African Township. Made from paraffin wax the sculptures are displayed on a highly reflective acrylic sheet, which is accompanied by a video work. SO WE TOo addresses the paradoxical qualities of the townships, representing the inherent social, political and historical complexities of townships (in particular the direct and residual effects of Apartheid regime) but primarily as people’s homes. This is expressed through the ironical and somewhat perverse nature of the tourist industry's involvement in the townships as well as the 'elephant in the room' nature and consideration of the townships.

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