Pirrin FrancisAre They Biological

2011CIFBFA (Visual Arts)

Are They Biological arose out of the desire to create an immersive, meditative space where the boundaries between what's real and what's imagined are confused. An ongoing fascination with the uncanny and mythology has lead me to begin collecting and archiving disparate materials, images, photographs and videos that are historically significant, familiar, mundane, or have an attached history, which I later piece together into alternate narratives that are poetic and fantastical.

In Are They Biological segments of early film from the late 1800s – particularly the screen tests of Thomas Edison and the Lumiere brothers – are projected and overlayed with my own videos and slides depicting family scenes and botanical drawings of organic forms. As the images merge, any black in the video is cancelled out by the projected slide images, creating a synthesis between the two different mediums. The continuous loop of juxtaposed images has a surreal and mesmerising quality about it. Surrounding these hovering scenes is a white cardboard forest of roughly hewn pillars reminiscent of an alien city. The accompanying soundtrack of bird calls, manipulated to sound eerie and unearthly, in transforming the space into an environment that is fantastical and yet still grounded in reality.

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