Zoe KnightGrounded (excerpts)

2015DesignBFA (hons) Visual Arts

Object-based installation (2014)
Materials: rope, clay, wire, fibrous cement, ceramic tile and wood
Dimensions: 30x120x180cm

My practice takes the form of a collection of small-scale, object-based installations that usually reside on the gallery floor. My work focuses on an intimate and tactile engagement with repurposed materials. I use lengths of quotidian or industrial materials that can be manipulated by hand with repetitive processes. The materials that I choose to transform into ‘knots’ are usually lengths of malleable matter that are found detritus from construction sites or sourced from kerb-side collections.

When installing, found display devices are used as pseudo-pedestals and become part of each final object. The installations are developed in situ through play, with organic clusters formed as formal relationships between ‘knots’ and pedestals appear. They are usually made up of small arrangements of objects positioned on the ground, with lighting an important element in the final installation.

“Grounded” (2014) utilises the lateral spread of the floor to initially disorientate but then invite the viewer to potentially engage with each object. By using pseudo-pedestals, such as small discarded wooden blocks, to elevate the ‘knots’ (detritus turned art object) and placing them onto a flawed surface, the work references historical art display methods. However, through its small scale “Grounded” subverts and extends these ideas.

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